Ive done it and it works.

Come and see for your self. 

let me show you how it works.

Save money and earn money TAX FREE

comments from people I have helped

Thanks for a very informative afternoon food for thought !


Victoria Fear of the Lynn News




A fascinating hour or three.

Paaul hasgiven us much food for thought for tweeking our system

A man with a passion

Many thanks

Elizabeth & Chris Swaine

Downham Market




Many thanks for inviting us to your inspiring home

I could'nt believe all the gadgets to help the earths resources

Lovely to see such passion in a person

if we all did a bit to save our earth

it would be a much better place for our children's children

Thanks very much

Truely inspiring

Marilyn & John Carroll





An eye opening experience

Absolutelythe way forward for the future generations

As well as ourselves

Paul needs to do this for a living

Vicky Conelle of the KL Magazine



Fantastic visit extremely informative and inspirational

We will certainly be passing this on

And doing our bit

Thanks for your time and knowledge Paul

Viveca and Monica Mortensson

Kings Lynn



 Thank you for inviting us into your home

And sharing your extensive knowledge of energy saving appliances and techniques

Without pressure or bias

The vast array of measures,devices and materials incorporated into your home is helping to reduce

The voracious energy demands

Being made on the earths future resources

In addition there is potential to add long term financial planning in these straightened economic times

Incorporate some of the numerous options avaliable

Is likely to result in a warm inner feeling of personal satisfaction which will sit comfortably alongside

an improved quality of life 

By living in a warmer cosier home with considerably reduced outgoings

Paul you are truly an inspirational,thoughtful and generous human being

In opening up your home to promote carbon reduction and energy efficiency savings

In such an enthusiastic way

Pam and Martin French

Downham Market


Hi Paul

"I would like to say a very big thank you for all your help time effort and enthusiasm to help me understand how to save money on my electric and heating bills and the proof already is that I have just now received a £70.00 rebate from Anglian water for my 2011 bill from what you explained to me about storm water drainage.

I have been doing quite a lot of research on  solar PV panel 4kw systems in the last couple of months and the feed in tariff, I have had quite a few company's around my house in the last month and I used the information that you had told and shown me as a standard to work too and I must say that they all fell by the way side compared to

East Anglia Renewables

Again thank you"

Mr M Breeze of Norwich


Dear Paul

"After seeing the article in the Lynn News about your renewable energy installations and contacting you for advice and information I felt I should drop you a quick e-mail to thank you for all the time you took to help me and my wife come to a decision about installing a solar PV system on our own property.

You spent a good couple of hours explaining in detail about the system, how it works, the government incentive scheme and most importantly, showing us the installation in your own home. To see another persons installation actually working was for me one of  the main factors in us deciding to go ahead with our own installation, based on your glowing recommendation, we used the same installers as you and can confirm that they were extremely quick, efficient, clean and considerate from start to finish. They even installed our solar panels over the two bitterly cold minus 7 degree days in December.

Since the installation was completed we are already beginning to see income from the investment and I am confident from the figures we are now seeing that we will make a healthy profit over time, not to mention enjoying reduced electricity and heating bills. Your advice was invaluable to us as such a big investment requires a good degree of comfort before proceeding and you were able to give us that comfort by talking to us about your experiences and making sure we avoid any pitfalls.

I would certainly recommend that anyone else who is looking to make an investment in solar PV, solar thermal heating or a wood burner for heating/hot water takes the time to get valuable advice from you. Once again, thank you."

Kind Regards

Andrew and Jillian Sizeland from Cambridgeshire.


"We received a very warm welcome (pardon the pun) when we visited Paul's house shortly after reading his very convincing article in the KL magazine in which he referred to energy saving and renewable energy systems that he had installed in his home.


Paul is extremely knowledgeable in this field after thoroughly researching all avenues of renewable energy. He is very inspiring and passionate about the systems that he has chosen which have proved to be not only effective but eco friendly and profitable. Paul also gave us some great advice about recycling household waste.


When we are in the position to proceed with renewable energies we will most certainly be calling on Paul's expertise and knowledge of contacts.


Thanks Paul for confirming all our previous thoughts of the values of green energies".


Mark & Pat Hobley  from Cambridgeshire


Dear Paul

Perhaps the best decision i made in 2011 was to knock on your door and avail myself of your offer of free advice on energy saving and renewable energy, which i would add was quite impartial.The firm i chose mentioned by yourself, ICL Services was absolutely professional no hint of the ex double glazing brigade. Having completed before the 12th December dead line i now have a reasonable return on my hard earned money.

My thanks to you i am most grateful

your sincerely

Richard Portham from Cambridgeshire 



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