Free from Income Tax

From 11/11/2010 to 02/04/2011 my PV solar has generated 610.1 kWh @£0.413 = 


03/04/2011 to 31/03/2012 my PV solar has generated 4058.6 kWh @£0.433 =


From 01/04/2012 to 31/04/2013 my PV solar has generate 3508.3 kWh @£0.454 =


From 01/04/2013 to 31/3/2014  my PV solar has generated 3915.5 kWh @£0.468=


From 01/04/2014 today my PV solar has generated  3214.2 kWh @£0.48.1


From 11/11/2011 to 02/04/2011 Export tariff @ £0.03p @50% of the generation =


From 03/04/2011 to 31/04/2012 Export tariff @ £0.031p @50% of the generation =


From 01/04/2012 to 31/03/2013 Export tariff @ £0.032p @50% of the generation =


From 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014 Export tariff @ £0.033p @50% of the generation=


From 01/04/2014 my Export tarrif @ £0.034p @50% of the generation


Estimated savings on electricity @£0.12 =


 Grand total £8146.40

MY PV Solar Cost


Less  £8146.40

                                    export tariff & estimated saving on energy bill see above for amounts

Outstanding balance  £535360 Going Down

 My installer estimated 7.5 years and i will have my money back

Then that gives me 17.5 years Tax Free Profit

but at this rate i will have my money back in 7 years which will give me 18 tax free years profit

My installer told me my generation should be

2982 kWh by 11/11/2011 (SAP 2005)

This was calculated with SAP 2005 


This tool calculates the performance of a PV solar system according to the Governments Standard Assessment Procedure

for Energy Rating of Dwellings (SAP 2005)

There is now a 2009 edition


The 2009 edition tells me i will generate 3071 kWh its more realistic


Only use SAP calculators


My generation in its first year 3855.4 kWh from 11/11/10 to 12/11/2011

from 11/11/2009 to 10/11/2010 i used 5757 kW from the grid  (without PV solar)

from 11/11/2010 to 11/11/2011 i have used 4001.5 kW from the grid (with PV solar)

that is a reduction of 1755.5 kW  over 30% reduction.


My generation in its second year 3724.6 kWh from 12/11/2011 to 11/11/2012  

 Energy used from the grid from 12/11/2011 to 11/11/2012 

3935 kWh

At 0.12p per kWh (estimated unit cost)

= £456.24

My generation in its third year   3692.6 kWh from 12/11/2012 to 11/11/2013

Energy used from the grid from 12/11/12 to 11/11/13  

3754.5 kWh

At 0.12p per kWh (estimated unit cost)

= £450.54

My generation in its forth year 3865.5 kWh from 12/11/2013 to 11/11/2014

Energy used from the grid from 12/11/2013 to 11/11/2014

3658 kWh

At 0.12p per kWh (estimated unit cost)


My generation in its fifth year 168.6 kWh from 12/11/2014 to 26/12/2014

Energy used from the grid from 12/11/2014 to 26/12/2014

1052 kWh

At 0.135p per kWh (estimated unit cost)


The FITs payment @ 14.9p as from 1st July 2013 for 20 years

click here to view the 14p tariff



A 3.36 kWp system with 14x 240 watt Emmvee modules and a Fronius IG Plus Inverter Installed on 09/11/2011 this system has generated 9713.7kWh 

up to 05/11/2014


A 3.995kWp system with 17 x 235 watt Schott modules and a Nedap Inverter  installed on 11/11/2010 on the left hand side of my roof 

The above figures are for this system


 A pure black module looks well on a slate roof don't you think this is my friends home Richard who lives in Cambridgeshire he said its a very good investment.



 The Apollo GEM

get more from your solar

Below is a 3.5Kwp system with 14 x 250 watt Emmvee modules and a Fronius IG 30 inverter

This was installed on the right hands side of my roof  on 10/02/2012

 This system has generated 6069.9Kwh 

last reading date 05/11/2014


 When having a PV solar array installed have a Apollo GEM installed at the same time i have and it runs my immersion heater it will also run an economy 7 heater with the excess energy that my inverter would normally send back to the grid it will reduce your energy bill even more

Exportable Energy used by the Apollo GEM

 from 25/6/13 to 26/12/2014 = 4408.5 KWh

Energy savings             4408.5  KWh

Unit price                       X 0.12p per KWh                        So even more profit   £529.02

a average saving of over £25.00 a month by heating my water with a           Apollo Gem

       This Apollo Gem is also priming / running my heating system


I cannot wait for the summer! 

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