These are some of the Suppliers & Installers i used for the products that changed my home into one of UKs Super Homes

if you contact any of these companies or installers let them know i referred you and you could be eligible for a discount

and these are the only companies that can use this site as recommendation or reference

 Thermal imaging is one of the best ways to find your heat lose this is the front of my property

This is the link to  JSD

The i-temp is a ideal thermostat to reduce your fuel consumption 

This is the link to i-temp

A Rointe heater 

 This heater works very well along side PV solar as it is thermostat controlled each unit has it own thermostat

 ICL Renewables are very helpful installers they are not just there to sell you a instalation but will give you honest advice and great after sales service



This Apollo Gem unit primes my central heating for free

The GEM is a amazing peace of equipment

It will use energy generated from your renewable source i.e. PV solar / Wind or Hydro which is going to be exported and divert the energy into a hot water system or a storage heater to see more contact me or click on the links

Apollo GEM link

01788 511055

Video link

See What the GEM is doing at my home Link 


 A link to ARCADIA

Call on 01553 661333

We use neutral Co2 Fuel  (Timber) 

Save Energy By Using LED Lighting 

halsted rain could help you  reduce your water consumption  they help me reduce mine

halsted rains link

or call Graham on 07900 427450

or the Switchboard 0208 318 0957


This water softener stops lime scale so the washing machine / dish washer will work more efficient

We will use less washing liquid / powder and soap

It will also prevent lime scale buildup within my central heating system

This PIV loft mounted unit will prevent condensation and mould within my home it will provide me with clean fresh air  

A link to envirovent

or call Ian on 07726915065

This unit is only 17 watt i would like to thank Pulsar for their time in designing my lighting system

Chroma AR111 Angle flush is one of the ChomaRange it is a high powered low energy LED light suitable for all locations these have been installed in my kitchen

A link to Pulsar 

or call 01223 403500

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