About Me


 I work in the construction industry for a Norfolk based company

as a plant operator

My property was included it the Green Buildings in Norfolk 2011

The Dates were 17-18 & 24-25 September

The Green Buildings in Norfolk dates have now passed

but you can still book via Super Homes

 we have open days at different times of the year

 come and be inspired

or just contact me and i will be willing to give a personal tour

My property is no23 in the CPREs

Green Buildings in Norfolk Open Days 2011

and no124 Super Home

Come and see for yourself

Paul 07961314068


 I live in a 1970's bungalow with approximately 160 sq metres of floor space. By making my property energy efficient it has made it  cheaper to run

I am so enthusiastic about renewable energy I would like to share my experience with youyou

Energy saving


Renewable energy

at home.


Working with qualified MCS installers.

This is a free service.



This is my bio mass boiler.

 It heats my radiators

and  all  my hot water in the winter months.

For the summer I switch to my thermal solar for hot water.

 Seeing it all work in my own home the benefits have become  apparent;

 come and see for yourself.

 The Renewable Heat Incentive starts soon.

You may even get paid to generate your own heat!

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