PV Solar Free Electricity 

Ive done it and it works!

I receive £0.468p per kWh from the Feed In Tariff  (click here)

 I use most of the electricity i generate, saving £0.12 per kWh by not

taking it from the grid

 For electricity I give back to the grid I get an additional £0.033p per kWh 


The feed in tariff has drop to 14.9p but the export tariff is 4. 64p and many people will be very disappointed.

But believe me it is still be a very good investment,

As energy prices will probably increase.

The installation of PV Solar arrays have dropped in price.

But be aware that some installations are better then others.

Ask the installer if you can contact people they have already installed for.

 click here for a list of questions

Don't forget the feed in tariff is index linked.


 When having PV solar installed tell your installer you need a Generated Energy Management system installed this unit will make sure you use much more of your generated energy

Click here to see how my system is working

Click here to see the unit im using

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Only use an MCS installer and you could be entitled to the Feed In Tariff  (click here)

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