Energy Saving and Recycling

Many energy companies will be able to steer you in the right direction with finding your energy saving devices.

When boiling your kettle only boil the water you need.

Make sure you turn off the lights when leaving the room or install a ceiling mounted PIR unit it will turn them off  when they is no one in the room.

Change your light bulbs to energy saving bulbs .

 for example

 LED down lights 

replace your outside halogen bulbs for 

CFL bulbs.

Don't leave your TV/DVD/Computer or Stereo on standby.

Try using a power down device.



Just add a Hippo to your toilet system and save water every time you flush.

Take a shower not a bath you will use a lot less water.

Only boil the water your going to use.

Connect water butts to your down pipes from your roof, this water can be used to wash the car as well as water your plants.

To find out more on saving water go to



 Compost all your kitchen waste fruit & veg, egg shells, tea bags,egg boxes and shredded paper.

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