My heating and hot water system runs on renewable energy and / or waste timber

 Thermal Solar uses the suns rays to heat my water

Two water cylinders one thermal store 190ltrs and a 300ltr buffer tank 

Excess energy is detected by the Apollo Gem and diverted into the immersion heater in the water cylinders 

3kW of energy which would normally be exported is being diverted into my immersion heaters

Free Hot Water 

 This is a 1400 watt Rointe heater which heats my guest home when family visit

 this unit only uses the energy it needs to heat the room

Smart Heating

The PV Array runs / primes my heating & hot water system via the Apollo Gem 

Don't Waste Excess Energy

 My wood stove heats the hot water when theres no sun and runs on waste timber

This is a Charmwood 16b biomass boiler 

 This is a Ecofan which pushing the hot air from the stove around the room 

envirovent is a ventilation system which will prevent condensation and mould within my home 

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